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 We have seen the wonders of nature with our own eyes

family dynasty

Kedibone's story

The beginning of our journey

It all started on a farm in the heart of the Limpopo Province in the Swartwater region named Eendvogelsdrift. Here a little girl indulged herself in the sounds at night of the jackals and hyena's. She was amazed and in awe by the wonders of nature. She always wanted to be outside with the animals and the passion never faded....it motivated her daily that she wants to be out in the wild and experience the bush to it's fullest and that was what made her keep on pushing forward to fulfil a dream!

Passionate about the natural world, travel and photography turning her aim to tourism was a dream that Renata made a reality through hard work and dedication.

Why Kedibone?

First of all I have to tell the story of Kedibone, a very special man who smelt like tobacco, red soil and fire wood and had a heart of gold.

I have known Kedibone since I was born. He was born and raised in the district of Swartwater, Limpopo Province. His grand parents came from Botswana and stayed on my great grand parents farm and work closely with our family for many many years. Kedibone's mother worked in my grand mothers house since she was a young girl and helped raising my mother.

Kedibone (or Kirrieboy as his nickname was) was always there for our kids. Later when we were in school he would anxiously await our school holidays and with lots of patience helped us to clean the dam on the farm for us to swim in. He followed us where ever we went on the farm watching us, answering questions, helped with funny ideas we had to build weird things and never let us just be on our won. He truly protect us and I named my business Kedibone in honour of his memory!

As a family we unite and can concur all obstacles
We love, we cry, we sing, we dance and we pray together,
We have each other and above all we have our Saviour!
Lion cub in Kruger National Park photo by Renata Ewald

What does Kedibone mean?

The name Kedibone is of African origin, Sesotho and means "we have seen the goodness(blessing) of God. The name basically mean, I have saw a lot of things in the past and I can also see what will happen in the future.

Kedibone as a name mean "Blessings".

As a tour operator starting to operate in one of the most difficult time-periods on our planet with Covid changing the world as we know it, we feel blessed and could just say 

"Thank you Lord for the blessings!
golden moments

Family Memories

Old Photos taken during 1964/65 of my grandpa, dad and Kedibone
family history

Golden Oldies

Golden oldie photos out of my family albums from days spend in the Kruger National Park by my ancestors a long long time ago.
According to my mom these photos is from around the 1940 to 50's!