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Not only wildlife, but even wildlife photographers call the jungle their home. 

My Gallery of

Fine Art Wildlife & Nature Prints

a Prestige selection of fine art photography of which
only a limited edition of each image is printed.
Photos are available for print on high quality canvas, archival paper or perspex.
a Certificate of authentication is given with each print.
Only a small collection is displayed on the web, for more images on a selected subject feel free to contact me.

Sizes available from A4 to A00

depending on photo selected!

  E-mail me for full price list.

My Gallery of

Monochrome Prints

a Selection of high & low key edited black & white images
My Gallery of

Big Cats

Big cats can be described as unapologetic, ferocious, dangerous, ethereal!They intrique usThis is only a selected few. For more images, please contact me.
Elephant play by Renata EwaldElephant portrait by Renata Ewald
My Gallery of

Elephant Prints

The Gentle Giants of the African bush
My Gallery of

Wildlife Prints

a Variety of other wildlife images
My Gallery of

Landscape Prints

Capturing the beauty of Africa, from the golden sunrise to the bloody red sunsets
My Gallery of

Bird Prints

Our feathered friends, big and small