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Kruger National Park Safaris

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Welcome to the Kedibone Safari Family!

My name is Renata and I am passionate about wildlife, nature, photography and travel. After many years of trials and obstacles I had to overcome I can finally say " I am living my dream!" Thank you to each and every person who played a part in my life and helped me to fulfil my dream. I will forever be grateful! Most importantly thank you to my Heavenly Father for all His mercy, love and grace over me!
With Kedibone Safaris I am finally able to share all the wonders of our natural world with people from all over the globe. Every person that comes with me on safari became a part of my big worldly family and will forever remain friends. I love to share my knowledge of nature in a way which is more than just facts, but also true and valuable to our own life's. My wish is that every person leaving after a safari with me will have something close to their heart that will stay with them forever.
Kedibone Safaris specialise on safaris, overnight tours and wildlife photography safaris in the Kruger National Park on a daily basis right through the whole of the Kruger National Park. Our team is fully devoted and we offer exclusively private, fully catered safaris and tours. Our philosophy is that "Just the best is good enough for my safari guests!"
I welcome you all as part of the #kedibonesafarifamly
Kedibone safaris with lions in the Kruger National Park
  • Please see our Daily Kruger Safari packages below.
  • private fully catered Kruger tours custom made just for you.
  • Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or requests.
  • We strive for excellent service and want to give you the best safari experience by far!
  • Our prices includes snacks and meals for the day.
  • a Friendly, qualified nature/field guide with an open safari vehicle will meet you for your safari.
  • Pick up for safaris from Phalaborwa gate or from guest houses in Phalaborwa town for is free.
  • Other pick up points are available on request at additional costs.
  • Different hours for pick up available according to your needs.
  • Bean bags available for photographers.
  • Exclusive private safari for birders.
  • Discount for groups of 7 and more guests.
  • Kiddies 3-11 years pay half price.
  • Excluding gratuities, souvenirs, soft drinks, any other snacks and alcoholic drinks       
  • Conservation fee will be added as set out below.
  • If you have a SANPARKS wild card it will replace the conservation fee.
Terms and Conditions apply



Sunrise safari is for the early birds while the sunset safari lets you end the day watching the sun go down over Kruger.

Which ever choice you make just an hour in the bush is therapy for the soul. While the unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye searching for cats in these hours is the best time to do it.

In photography it is called the golden hours of the day and the magical soft light with golden grass and wildlife grazing the plains is what will fill your memory forever and leave you with an unforgettable experience.

a Sunrise or sunset is perfect therapy on a weekend to sooth your soul and refresh.

Pick up times:
Sunrise safari:                   
Oct-March: 05:00 -09:00  
April-Sept: 05:30-09:00
Sunset safari:
Aug - April: 14:30 -18:00                      
May-July: 14:15-17:30

Includes: Distilled water, fruit juice & small snack, Open Safari Vehicle with friendly, professional, qualified nature guide & comfy blankets

Excludes: Conservation fee, Any other snacks or soft drinks, Personal expenses, Curios and gratuity

What to bring: Hat for the Sun & sun screen, Comfortable shoes, Waterproof & warm Jacket, Cameras & Binoculars, Personal items

Price:  R790 per person sharing Kiddies: 5 - 11 years pay half price

Max: 10 pax

Free pick up in Phalaborwa town            


A half day safari can either start early morning or midday taking you further into the heart of Kruger.

Expect the unexpected around each corner of the bush as we explore the roads in search of our wildlife. Maybe take a break and enjoy watching the elephants swimming at their favorite Sabeldam while the fish eagle calls echo in our ears.

With 6 hours to offer you will feel refreshed when you go home, ready for whatever life has to offer.Breakfast or a snack pack for afternoon drives are included in a half day safari to keep the hunger at bay.

On a Half Day Safari you can unwind and relief the stress from our every day living!

Pick up times:
Oct-March: 05:00 -11:30  
April-Sept: 05:30-12:00
Aug - April: 12:00 -18:00                     
May-July: 11:30-17:30

Includes:  Distilled water, Hearty breakfast & cappuccino, Open Safari Vehicle with friendly, professional, qualified nature guide & comfy blankets

Excludes: Conservation fee, Any other snacks or soft drinks, Personal expenses, Curios and gratuity

What to bring: Hat for the Sun & sun screen, Comfortable shoes, Waterproof & warm Jacket, Cameras & Binoculars, Personal items

Price:  R1 190 per person sharing                   Kiddies: 5 - 11 years pay half price 

Max: 10 pax

Free pick up in Phalaborwa town.                                       


a Full day safari is the best way to explore the vast bio-diversity and abandoned wildlife Kruger has to offer.

While on a safari, you get to do things you’ve only ever dreamed of by seeing wildlife up close, sitting at a waterhole, having lunch at a picnic spot, listening to animal sounds and many more.

Spending hours on end searching for our wildlife with always the promise of finding the Big 5 we will also cater for breakfast and a light lunch while letting you taste some traditional South African treats.

On a Full Day Safari you can relax, breath and enjoy our beloved Kruger National Park.

Pick up times:  
Oct-March: 05:00 -15:30                     
April-Sept: 05:30-16:00

Includes:  Distilled water, Hearty breakfast & cappuccino, coffee or tea,Light lunch with juice, Open Safari Vehicle with friendly, professional, qualified nature guide & comfy blankets

Excludes: Conservation fee, Any other snacks or soft drinks, Personal expenses, Curios and gratuity

What to bring: Hat for the Sun & sun screen, Comfortable shoes, Waterproof & warm Jacket, Cameras & Binoculars, Personal items

Price:  R1 590 per person sharing                 Kiddies: 5 - 11 years pay half price

Max: 10 pax

NB: Other alternative hours available depending on your needs!

Free pick up in Phalaborwa town.

SANPARKS Conservation fee







Overnight tours in Kruger could be a weekend break away or mid-week short holiday or a two week long excursion away from the daily huzz and buzz.

Whatever your need we will put it together for you, doing all the planning and taking you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the bush. Accommodation will be either in a hut/chalet or a Safari Tent or a private luxury bungalow. It all depends on your requirements. Bird hide accommodation for the more rustic experience is also available at Sable dam and Shipandani hides. Off grid trips deep into the bush where you can wake up under the stars and have a bom-fire at night and listen to bush stories from local guides and trackers can also be arrange with morning walks into the bush.

Whatever your dreams we will make it a reality!


Overnight Kruger Tours Includes everything! Conservation fee, OSV with friendly professional qualified nature guide.

All meals and beverages, Accommodation & other activities, fuel etc will be included.

Let us do the hard work for you!

Full Itinerary will be send as per your specific request, needs, desires, group size, accommodation type and days you want to book.



The Kruger National Park is divided into 4 regions, the southern, central, northern and far north regions. With our north to south trip we will take you through the whole of the Kruger National Park in 10 days.

The Kruger is 362km long and traveling through the different regions you will experience different wildlife and birds in each region.The vegetation changes as you travel from north to south, which has implications on the game viewing opportunities. We will take you down the best routes and camps to explore Kruger to it's fullest.

Accommodation will be anything from main camps with bungalows to more private, smaller bush camps depending on availability.

Night drives, bush walks and bush braai's will form part of the package to give you an unforgettable experience in one of the worlds pristine National Parks!

Kruger National Park the flagship of South Africa awaits you to explore her beauty with us!

All inclusive tour fro north to south to explore the bio-diversity of our beautiful Kruger National Park.3 Nights in the north,3 nights in central Kruger and 3 nights down south to give you the best opportunity to experience the whole of Kruger! 

Let us take you on an unforgettable journey!  

Full Itinerary will be send on request.



More than 500 bird species have been recorded in Kruger, representing roughly 60 percent of the total of bird species for South Africa. This includes more than 50 migratory species, most of which arrive from Eurasia or elsewhere in Africa in November and depart in April.

We will spend a full day or even overnight just searching for birds and check our birding list. In the northern parts towards Punda Maria we found some rare species like the Pennant-winged Nightjar. Mopani/Tsendze area are also popular for owls. We can also arrange with SANPARKS to search down the Olifants river for the elusive Pel's Owl

Big 6 of Limpopo

  1. Kori Bustard.

  2. Martial Eagle.

  3. Lappet faced Vulture.

  4. Pel's Fishing Owl.

  5. Saddle-billed Stork.

  6. Southern Ground Hornbill.

This is all about birding and bird watchers!

Our bird watchers safaris and tours is custom made according to your needs. From a full day bird searching safari to a couple of day in Kruger.

We will slowly but surely search for birds, Id them and document all the birds we encounter.Expert birder advise is always available to guide you should you be new in birding.

Birding is a lifestyle!



Kruger National Park, in north-eastern South Africa, is one of Africa’s largest game reserves.

The park was first proclaimed in 1898 as the Sabie Game Reserve by the then president of the Transvaal Republic, Paul Kruger. He first proposed the need to protect the animals of the Lowveld in 1884, but his revolutionary vision took another 12 years to be realised when the area between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers was set aside for restricted hunting.

James Stevenson-Hamilton (born in 1867) was appointed the park’s first warden on 1 July 1902.

On 31 May 1926 the National Parks Act was proclaimed and with it the merging of the Sabie and Shingwedzi Game Reserves into the Kruger National Park.

The first motorists entered the park in 1927 for a fee of one pound.

Kruger is one of the premier game-watching destinations in the world. Approximately 147 mammal species occur in the park. It is possible to see all the classical African big game, including elephant, black and white rhino, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, warthog and many antelope species. Large carnivores include lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and spotted hyena.

The Kruger National Park covers nearly 20,000 km² (8,000 square miles) of undisturbed savanna, woodland, riverine forest and craggy mountain ranges. Kruger is comparable in size to Wales in the UK, the USA state of New Jersey, or Slovenia in Europe and larger than Israel and Netherlands.

Because of the sheer size of the Park, it is only to be expected that the vegetation changes as you travel from north to south, which has implications on the game viewing opportunities.

There are 336 tree species in the park, 53 fish, 34 amphibians, 118 reptiles, 517 bird species which represents 60% of the birding population in South Africa.

Kruger National Park is one of the flagships of South Africa and will undoubtedly bring you as close to nature as possible.

The Kruger National Park can be divided into 4 main zones and 16 macro ecozones.

The southern region cover the lower region of Kruger and runs most of the way all along the Sabie river with excellent game viewing with a high population cats in general making it the tourism mecca of Kruger.

The central region stretches from the northern side of the Sabie river to the Olifants river and and is widely acclaimed to be the most game-rich area with the most beautiful scenery. The vegetation is mainly grass plaines with woodland areas and river valleys. Lots of general game like the zebra, blue wildebeest and giraffe wander over these plains and therefor our main predator the lion are very active in this area as well as the slender build, vastest predator on the planet, the cheetah.

The northern region, north of the Olifants River is predominantly mopane veld and stretches to the Tropic of Capricorn. The mopane is a favorite of the Elephant and therefor you will encounter lots of special elephant sightings in this area as well as buffalo.

The Far Northern region extends from the Tropic of Capricorn right up to the Limpopo River (which is also the international boundary between Zimbabwe and South Africa)

This is the least visited area of the Kruger Park and the area is mainly arid and flat, apart from around Punda Maria, where localised rainfall allows tall mopane trees to flourish in abundance. North of here, craggy sandstone hills dominate the landscape, made even more impressive by the huge baobab trees.

Game viewing is best along the river systems, and this is a great area to see nyala, elephant, buffalo, cheetah and leopard. Bird-watching is also particularly good too.



Beautiful memories with happy guests exploring Kruger and surrounding areas
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